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Prototyping using MCUs

Protoyping using Microcontrollers

For your next embedded-systems project or PC-based application, do you need:

  • Short development time ?
  • Low per-unit cost ?
  • Rapid prototyping ?
  • A custom driver, algorithm or system feature ?
We deliver custom system design and application programming services to industrial, corporate, and scientific organizations for projects involving, for example, embedded systems, high-speed data acquisition and analysis, exacting instrument control, networked PCs and microcontrollers, firmware for "one-off" hardware devices, and other challenging requirements. In addition, we can provide training for your staff while we complete your project.

Compact Touchscreen controller

Compact Touchscreen Automation controller

Tiny GPS data parser

Tiny GPS data parser

Our services include:

  • Embedded systems design & prototyping (8/16/32 bit based microcontroller with integrating to other electronic components, microprocessor hardware/firmware/software)
  • Designing & prototyping electronic circuits and products as per customer specifications
  • Complete electronic product design from concept to completion (turnkey projects)
  • Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs for lowering costs
  • Vcrest can work on design projects both big or small for large industries or small businesses & individual

Call us today to get an evaluation of your custom prototype needs.

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