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Solutions Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

RTLS is a Wi-Fi based real-time location, communication and sensor solution. It helps helps enterprises such as hospitals to find assets and people when needed, utilizing active Wi-Fi (WLAN) tags. Typical use cases include asset management, staff safety, wireless nurse call for patients, and wireless temperature monitoring.
Real Time Location System (RTLS) combine real-time location, auto-identification, wireless sensing and telemetry technologies to automate business processes and deliver context-aware applications.
Real-Time Visibility solutions go beyond standalone RFID, RTLS and sensor solutions by unifying all enterprise visibility data on a single Wi-Fi-based platform.

RTLS location

Using RTLS to locate personel

We offer a flexible suite of hardware and software products that can be used to deliver a wide variety of visibility applications, all over a single, standard Wi-Fi network:

Enterprise Intelligence, from Healthcare to Military

Real Time Location System is used in healthcare, military, hospitality, retail, oil, gas, mining, logistics - wherever safety is a priority, or processes need to be optimized. Hundreds of organizations around the world are using RTLS to gain efficiencies that go right down to the bottom line.
Use Wi-Fi Tags to Locate Assets and People and Monitor Temperature and Humidity Small, battery-powered location tags are attached to assets or carried by people.
The system locates the tags accurately, in real-time, using just your Wi-Fi network. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can also be tracked with RTLS Positioning Client software. There are also temperature and humidity monitoring tags, so human error can be eliminated from the condition measurement process.


  • Locate assets faster
  • Reduce inventory, rental cost, and theft
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve staff safety & morale
  • Optimize work-flow, patient throughput, and care
  • Reduce human error

RTLS Solution Components

RTLS is a complete solution for asset management, people tracking and safety, as well as temperature and humidity monitoring.


Wi-Fi Tags

Track assets and people. Monitor temperature and humidity.
  • Various models for tracking assets, people, and monitoring the environment
  • Small size, but smart: Infrared, Wi-Fi, motion sensor, buzzer, lights
  • Rechargeable*, or years of battery life**

Vision Application

The web-based business intelligence application.
  • Real-time maps. Alerts. Reports. Rule management.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Typical user: Biomedical engineer, nurse, CFO

RTLS Controller Server Software and API

System and tag management, location engine, API.
  • Calculates tag locations and manages tags
  • Houses outbound, open API: Any application can access location information
  • Typical user: IT / network administrator

Positioning Client Software Agent

Track any Wi-Fi enabled device accurately.
  • In addition to tags, RTLS also allows tracking of any Wi-Fi enabled device

Our services include turnkey solution from sourcing, design, development and deployment of RTLS according to customer's application requirement.

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