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Industrial / Military / Oil & Gas UPS Maintenance

UPS Maintenance

Vcrest provide maintenance of the UPS systems which consists of preventive or corrective maintenance.

Maintenance for UPS systems

Maintenance for UPS systems

Preventive maintenance consists of a scheduled list of activities. Performing these activities keeps the UPS in good working order and helps to prevent failures.

Corrective maintenance is performed as a result of a failure. Corrective maintenance fixes the problem and gets the unit working again.

Preventive Maintenance is essential for both UPS and the batteries. Having a preventive maintenance for your UPS systems can protect your critical loads from any electrical crisis or outage in your electrical system.

Preventive Maintenance will

  • Improved system reliability
  • Decreased system downtime
  • Decreased cost of emergency replacements
  • Better management for spare inventory

There are two types of Preventive Maintenance Contract:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contract Type
    For UPS System covered by Comprehensive Maintenance Contract, all spare parts will be covered under the Comprehensive PMC except for transformer, Chokes, Batteries, Capacitors & Component Damage due to natural wear & tear (such as ventilation fans)
  • Non-Comprehensive Maintenance Contract Type
    All parts are not inclusive.

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