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Commercial Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless Implemention for:

Wireless Network Solutions

Vcrest delivers the ideal wireless technology that allows your business to achieve all its potential in this new world of wireless opportunity.

Wireless implementation for:

From connectivity to content, from design through support, Vcrest provides the perfect wireless solution. Today's businesses face managing an extended workforce from their main offices, branch offices and homes. Extending the workforce productivity zone allows for greater workforce productivity and provides businesses a competitive edge by allowing for less travel, quicker response time and fast access to business resources.

Wireless networking stretches the productivity zones further than ever. By making technology and business information available to this mobile workforce when and where they need it. Now that wireless LAN and WAN technology has matured and the prices have dropped many business have adopted it as an IT standard.

If you are considering upgrading your current business internet connection to a wireless internet option, look no further! We can utilize your current internet connection and upgrade your whole office to enjoy wireless internet connection.. Easily, painlessly, and affordably!

If you are starting a small office, or an existing office looking at increasing network coverage, you should seriously consider wireless LANs for your network needs. Benefits include

  • Flexibility in office furniture arrangement
  • Absence of cables and associated cabling cost
  • Minimal connection cost in adding new computers
  • Flexibility in computer placement
  • No wastage of cabling investment when office relocates
  • Scalability

If you are a private establishment, you can offer a value-added service in the form of wireless surfing within your premises.

If you need to increase your existing wireless LAN coverage through multiple floors or between buildings, we can do it for you.

In all the above cases, Vcrest will offers the following:

  • Free Site surveys and Network Design
  • Installation and Integration
  • Configuration of WiFi Security
  • Support and Management
  • WiFi Equipment Supply

Call us today to get an obligation free evaluation of your wireless LAN needs.

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