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Small businesses rely on IT, just as Fortune 500 companies. The main difference is small businesses cannot always justify for large internal support teams.

VCrest Enterprise provides tailored support solutions and contracts to keep your business running and maximize its productivity.

Everyone works in a different environment. Some of our clients require their maintenance scheduled every 3 months, while others are able to use a 6 or 12 month rotation. Depending on your environment we can generally make a recommendation after the first visit and reassess your needs as required. We customize our scheduling to fit your business needs for your best value and still keep your systems maintained and running smoothly.

You can also take advantage of our block time purchasing (minimum 5 hours) which can be used over a 2-months period to save on labor and accounting costs.  The onsite charge is also waived.  Approximate time per system is 25-45 minutes depending on work requested.  Time will vary on each job-site.

We also do maintenance contract agreements that could save you a lot of money.

Key services include:

  • On-site IT Support
  • Same day response
  • Monthly work reports – gives a clear visibility of all support incidents in the month
  • Latest Warning of Virus Threat & Prevention Methods by email support
  • Unlimited 24/7 Internet email support
  • Phone support (available to a customer's IT Department)


  1. Lower hourly rate than non-contract rate
  2. Rate Lock-in for hours that exceed number of hours in contract
  3. Increased Uptime resulting in worker productivity
  4. Reduce risk of losing business data
  5. Easier to plan and to project budgets for information technology hardware, software, and service
  6. Be advised on current and new technology costs, benefits and pitfalls
  7. Peace of Mind from knowing that you are properly maintaining computers and the network system(s)
  8. Increased Security from viruses, hackers, and unauthorized use
  9. Continuous Improvement in the application of information technology
  10. Effectively Manage Fluctuations in IT staff work load
  11. Convenience of having an IT staff member without having paying employee benefits
  12. More return value from technology investments
  13. More service value as a result of having an ongoing long-term relationship with a Technician that has been assigned to your account.

Prepaid service agreements that allow clients to service their business IT needs for incident response, projects and short and long-term staff augmentation services. Clients can rest assured that VCrest will be there when they need it most.

VCrest's Service Support Programs are:

If you are interested in any one of our packages or have a question for our team, please feel free to email us or call at 65-6552-2248. Our team is ready to help your business get back to business.



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