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Support Programs
Scheduled Maintenance

Support Programs
Scheduled Maintenance Program

Scheduled Maintenance Program

VCrest understands the need for immediate support for your office IT needs, but we also know that the expense of a full time IT staff can be cost prohibitive. Thats why we offer our Service Agreement packages. Our packages guarantee you support when you need it, giving you the benefits of a full-time IT staff at a part-time cost.


  • Regular Monthly PC health checks (V-Protect)
  • Free 2-hours block monthly
    • Flexibility in how service hours can be applied including:
      • Data backup setup and maintenance
      • Remote access setup via a VPN, VNC, or PC Anywhere
      • Special Projects such as: installing new hardware, software, IT consulting, or IT project management
      • Test, clean or replace critical system cooling fans (server/computer)
      • Use of software diagnostics tools to test your system components (RAM, video, etc.)
      • Perform manufacturer recommended cleaning, lubrication and maintenance to your critical system hardware.
      • Test your disaster recovery/backup system to ensure you are protected.
      • Remote Access Support
      • Network Analysis and Design
      • Hardware Analysis
      • Computer Repair Services (On-Site and In-house) excludes cost of replacement parts
  • Additional hours are charged at a discount rate.
  • Onsite Charge Waived

You may purchase a 3 / 6 / 9 or 12 months contract.


Our scheduled maintenance program is designed to keep our customers computer hardware running, and do our best to help avoid costly downtime, repairs or catastrophic data loss.

The end user costs associated with downtime and repairs due to improperly maintained computer hardware (including seized system fans, overheating components, hard drive failure, network failure etc...) can reach hundreds and, in extreme cases, thousands of dollars to your company. These costs include employee downtime, replacement of expensive system components and data-recovery/reentry costs all due to un-maintained component failure.
What we have designed is a scheduled friendly reminder program to help keep your products properly maintained and regularly tested.


Please email [email protected] or call 65-6552-2248 for more information.


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